January 18th Updates:

  • Updated SPAC list


  • Column for SPACs with option chains
  • Pre-split units sheet
  • Sort by common price, warrant price, and option chain availability.
  • Warrant to Share redemption ratios
  • Announced combinations (if applicable) complete with link to investor presentation
  • IPO dates
  • Liquidation date – conditionally formatted from green to red. Basically, if the SPAC is new the cell will be green and if the cell is red the SPAC is nearing the end of its combination period
  • Common prices/attributes auto-update every one minute from Google Finance

Google Sheets Link:

*Google Sheets App is highly recommended when viewing on mobile as it preserves more features such as a locked header bar and wider range of zoom.

Recommended External Resource:

Turtle Gang Investments


I have spent countless hours working on this and received donations from some of you which I appreciate more than you know. My original plan was charge a very small subscription fee once I got the spreadsheet to this point and with that fee I would keep adding features and updating the spreadsheet. However with the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received, as well as very generous donations, I don’t want to keep anybody from being able to access the spreadsheet. What I’ve decided to do is only accept donations from those who would like to. If the spreadsheet helps make you money or gain useful knowledge and you would like to show your appreciation monetarily you may donate via the Venmo or PayPal information below.

No matter what, thank you for using my work and I appreciate any comments, feedback, suggestions, or constructive criticism.



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Cheers and enjoy!

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