TrAQ your favorite SPACs for SPAC trAQ-ular gains

So here we go. I threw together this simple little website as a hub for SPAC trAQ (Like the name? Let me know if you don’t) spreadsheet. When I post about the spreadsheet on StockTwits they use keywords to filter it as spam. With that being said, I’ll notify of updates on StockTwits going forward, but only briefly with a route to this website. Also I’m fully aware this website could be much much better, but it’s not supposed to be that great yet. I just need a temporary placeholder to say words.

For those who downloaded the first spreadsheet: I think the share prices didn’t update as I intended them too. I didn’t know this because I threw it together when the market was closed and couldn’t properly test it. Oops. Hopefully everyone knows stock prices did move on Friday…

As of now, I’ve currently updated the spreadsheet an additional two times. The new workbook has two spreadsheets within one file: one for stock data (price, volume, etc) and one for stock details (more specific info which is not needed intraday). It should be a little cleaner and easier to use when you are only looking at stock data. I also put a big long black refresh button which runs along the entire right side of the data worksheet and refreshes all data in the file when clicked.

Lastly, this does take time to do. I’m more than willing to keep this worksheet updated and happy to share what I have. Normally something like this would have a decent fee attached to it. If the spreadsheet helps make you money or gain useful knowledge and you would like to show your appreciation in the form of a tip my Venmo username is:


Last four (verification): 7293

I’d like to quickly add that I in no way want to beg or receive undeserved money. A monetary thanks is not at all expected, but very much appreciated.

Cheers and enjoy!

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